Q.    What is the lil' yellow rust spots on my lower body panels and tailgate of my truck?

A.    Those are commonly known as "Red Iron Oxide Speckles" - especially on white vehicles.  This occurs from the constant release of metal brake dust that is in the air.  Eventually, untreated, this will etch into the paint, and form rust spots.

Professional clay treatment as well as a strict regiment of exterior protection can reduce the chances of this occurring and harming the paint.

Q.    How many times should "Wax" be applied to a vehicle in order to be effective?

A.    New standards - every 3 to 6 weeks.

Sealant should be applied every 3 to 6 months.

Q.    When is the best time to get my vehicle "Detailed"?

A.    As you and I know, the winters here on the Cape can be a real threat to the protective layers of your cars finish. 

Fall Detailing is all about getting your car prepared for the winter, ensuring you fight the damaging effects of road salt. 

Spring Detailing - as winter here on the Cape comes to a halt and the temperatures start warming up, the Springtime would be a great opportunity to refresh the protective elements of your vehicle.  This is because the salt that is applied to the roads during a snowstorm can be a real threat to the protective properties of your car's application of wax or sealant.  The corrosive properties of road salt is like a cancer, eating away at your protection.

Summer Detailing - As Summer on Cape Cod soon approaches, one should take extra care to prepare their vehicles for warm temperatures and the sun's damaging UV rays.  For example, as the temperatures start to increase, so does the brake pads, producing more brake dust.  Keeping a regular coating of wax on the wheels ensures no brake dust etches into the wheel's surface.

Fall Detailing - Preparing for Winter!  Since the temperatures are manageable at this time, it is important to add as much protection as possible to the exterior of the vehicle before the first snowfall to ensure you can fight the damaging effects of road salt.

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